Home Again

No doubt those of you currently doing your PhDs (wherever in the process you are) are having a hard time envisioning the day you will be ‘done’. I know, because I was there! I couldn’t even wrap my head around the idea of being complete until I actually completed (and even then…).

Let me tell you that it will happen. You will finish. You will get there. And it will probably be full of mixed emotions, but the one that matters the most is that you should feel pride. You have done something that, statistically, not many people do. Sometimes it feels like everyone has done or is doing a PhD, but that’s not true. It’s rare, no matter your field. Not many people go on to MAs, and even fewer do PhDs. You will be a rare breed. You have done something that most people could not do. Remember that. And feel proud, because this is the sort of thing you get to feel proud about, without feeling guilty. You deserve every bit of recognition and congratulations.

It’s going to be a bit anti-climactic, in that it’ll be over before you know it! But although the actual event of ‘completing’ may not last long, you’ll have a PhD forever. Whatever you are going through right now, and however hard it is, it’s temporary. One day (not long now!) you will be a doctor, and that will be for the rest of your life.


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