Blogging Manifesto

Since it’s that time of year again (another year older, oy vey), I think it’s a good time to reiterate this promise to myself I made (verbally) some time ago, when I started this blog. Now it’s for all the world to see.

I have never blogged… for money.

I have always blogged… when I felt the urge.

I blog in spite of… the fact that these posts may only be useful to me*.

I don’t blog… when I’m busy with work.

I should blog… more about my work and research.

I might blog… about novel writing.

I will blog… more often.

Blogging is… something I enjoy doing.

Blogging is not… that time consuming.

I blog… as an outlet for my creativity.

I blog for… myself, but I hope others might read and get something out of the entries too.

I blog because… I feel the need to share.

I blog when… I am in the mood.

I blog with… every intention of making entries useful and interesting.

*I really hope they are useful to others too.


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