Curation, or the act of curating, is defined as the organisation and maintaining of a collection of artworks or artefacts. Content curation, on the other hand is the process of analysing and sorting Web content and presenting it in a meaningful and organised way around a specific theme.

Having defined those terms, I’ve spent the last week ‘curating’ a twitter account. Which means mostly content curation, obviously, since it’s a Twitter account.

It was interesting and informative. The best part about the @wethehumanities account is that it encompasses all humanities. So the people that follow it can be from any field (and even some outside humanities that do multi-disciplinary work). It makes a unique pool of academics, researchers, and professionals to talk to.

The entire point of the curation week is to share your own research, communicate with others with shared interests, and engage in conversations with people who don’t necessarily share your interests specifically, but are proponents of humanities as a discipline.

We covered everything from social media addiction to off-screen time, digital literacy, museum text panels, digital design and don’t touch policies. And a lot of other things in between.

I wasn’t certain about signing up to curate, but a colleague suggested it. I thought well ‘try something you aren’t sure you can do’ is always a good learning experience. I think it was (mostly) a success and I learned about other people’s viewpoints, and some facts I didn’t know.

I tried a lot of things during my PhD I had never done or that outright made me anxious (ex. public speaking), and every experience was a learning opportunity. I was a student and it seemed to be part of the experience. Now that I’m not a student, I find I more readily say ‘no’ to things. For one, there is no pressure to say yes. But for another, it’s easier to say no. And that means I’m missing out on experiences and opportunities.

So this time, I said yes, and I’m glad I did.


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