Hello Readers

I do hope this post finds you well (though considering it’s the end of October, I know that actually means the new first years are realising what they’ve got themselves into, and everyone else is in a scramble for deadlines).

It’s been a crazy month for me, most of which has been in the last 5 days, and it’s not looking up before month’s end. These happen, but why they always happen when you are already busy is beyond my understanding! But we soldier on, because we must.

However, it means that Real Life is now consuming my Online Life, and as such I am taking a (hopefully) short break from this blog. I still have posts left I want to write (at least a few off the top of my head), but right now I can only do so much, and this is an ‘extra’.

I do hope any new readers will look back over the posts and find lots of useful information. And please feel free to share this blog with any new PhD students you know (or prospective students).

Good luck to all between now and Christmas.



2 thoughts on “Hello Readers

  1. Anne-Marie Irwin says:

    I must say thank you for sharing your experience and practical wisdom with us. I only came across your blog recently and am in the thick of writing my own PhD. Reading your experiences have played an important part for me, often reassuring me through the difficult moments and confirming I am on the right track.

    Many thanks indeed, and take care!

    Anne- Marie


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