Structure of a Blog

No, not the structure of the PhD (we’ll get to that), but the structure of this blog.

Okay, you’ve found me. You have a million and one questions about the PhD experience. You want to ask them of course! Please tweet me @akhetherington and use the hashtag #phdingblog so I know it’s a question that needs answering here.

I know, I know, Twitter sounds so constrictive, but there’s a method to my madness. Writing academically is about being concise and precise. Asking a question on Twitter? The same deal. Consider it training.

You can also comment on blog posts here, if you have a question related to a post, for instance.

The PhD journey is about steps. One step leads to another leads to another.

Except it doesn’t. At least, it doesn’t do so in any semblance of order. I did things in Year 3 I should have done in Year 1 and vis versa. Just like that journey, this blog doesn’t have an order to it. I’ll answer questions as they come to me, and I’ll create posts as they occur to me. I’ll tag everything, though, so you can search that way if you have a specific topic you want to find (ex. starting out, writing-up, field work, etc.).

But, in the end (and I must STRESS this), just ask. I’m here. I won’t judge you (honestly, I’ve been there – I’ve asked it). Just ask me and I’ll respond. Sometimes I might direct you somewhere else, sometimes I might admit to you that I don’t have all the answers (this one is important: I don’t), and sometimes I’ll just answer you directly.

*Please keep in mind that this blog is based on my own experiences. My own PhD journey. Yours will be different, and that’s a blessing not a curse. But maybe this can make your journey a little bit easier.