I’d love to tell you I have a blog post for you today. I don’t. At least, not the kind you’re after. What I have is (another) announcement.

November 1st starts what those of us who suffer from abusive muses call National Novel Writing Month. Basically, we put our lives on hold for a month (or attempt to), and churn out 50,000 words of something that, someday, might resemble a novel, in the space of 30 days. We do it for a number of reasons, but most people I know do it because it’s the only way to get their muse to leave them alone for any useful period of time in which to accomplish other things.

This November I am relishing the opportunity to dive headfirst into NaNo without having to worry about life getting in the way. I am hoping this means that, potentially, I might be able to crank out the full 65,000 word novel I have planned inside 30 days. Particularly since I have a bet with a fellow author that we’ll do back-to-back NaNos this year, which means November and December. Normally, I’d restrict myself to one of these a year, but since I already participated in Camp NaNo back in April (despite taking a week off to conference), I’m already at my usual limit of insanity. I might as well go all in, and support a fellow writer while I’m at it. At least we can commiserate together.

I have been trying to post – at minimum – once a week to this blog, but that will be unlikely next month. I ask for your patience, and appreciation that I may only get a few posts out to you the entire month (and the month after that). However, stay tuned, as there are guest bloggers in the works!