Useful Links

From PhD to Life Blog and Website
Blog, links, and resources to transition from the PhD to your career and beyond.

Graduable Blog

PhD in Progress Blog

PhD Talk Blog

The Thesis Whisperer
The best blog about PhDing on the web, and full of links and resources to other blogs.

USA Student Network
Large network for meeting other PhD students in the USA.

10 Things You Should Know Before Starting a PhD
And never thought to ask, but should have. Covers a good range of considerations you should spend time on before applying for a PhD.

Gradhacker Blog

Get a Life PhD Blog

Postgraduate Forum
A chance to network with other PhD students around the world, and a forum to ask questions.

PhD Comics
If you are going to procrastinate, at least do it the smart way.

Pal’s Student Blog
This may not be the first link you click, but it should be. This blog shows all the highs and lows of PhD-ing as it happens, from a fellow colleague.


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